FMWhatsapp APK v11.9.0 Download (FMWA) Latest Version

While it will be relatively creepy, I understand wanting to view the story of someone you are ghosting without them knowing you watched it. With this in mind, hiding your view status with FM WhatsApp is actually the path to take.

Hide delivered and blue tick: Sometimes we get too FM WhatsApp to reply accidentally and immediately leave the friends of yours on seen. This causes a great deal of problems and may also break a friendship if done too much. Or perhaps perhaps you just love ghosting folks. In either case, hiding your blue tick is actually crucial for you and FM WhatsApp will be perfect. The blue tick will not show on your friends’ app until you have replied to them, which means you are able to simply scroll through your text without being pressured to reply.

Hide typing and recording action text: Have you ever just looked at the keyboard of yours, not knowing the way to reply? And then become embarrassed when you understand the messenger app has proven that you have been typing for an embarrassingly long amount of time? Well, with FM WhatsApp, you are able to stop being embarrassed!

FM WhatsApp allows you to hide the sign that you are typing or perhaps recording audio, which means you do not have to be concerned about taking too long to type a reply.

Choose who are able to call you: This’s best for ghosting, as you are able to now choose which contacts can call you and which can’t. Quite a good feature especially with that friend that has a really irritating voice, you know?


Message a number without saving some contact: If you are not really into making more friends however have to send out a text to that guy that owes you money, you are able to now choose not to save the contact of theirs!

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