Smart Trailers Face Huge Hurdles

Smart Trailers Face Huge Hurdles

The concept of intelligent trailers is still in growth, and potential seems almost unlimited. For the past five years, campers have changed from boxes on wheels to business intelligence sources. They have got the data to help the fleet more proactively with maintenance. Smart trailers are offering the possibility of shrinking the trailer’s fleet through an increase in uptime. This also ends with the use of a more efficient vehicle.

The simple start Smart Trailer like truk mitsubishi starts with monitoring and real-time tire pressure add-on. While offering the open door/sensor cap, cargo sensor, and temperature monitoring in a cooled trailer. The next border includes electronic stability control for trailers, video spot detection 360 degrees, backup camera, and even two-way communication vehicle-to-vehicle and control for autonomous tractor-trailers.

Additional trailer technology advanced with blistering speed, but we face wall technology.

Many suppliers will place the system to future trailers, especially the braking system, globally. “They always stay on point by sticking to solve the problem in their own way. People who provide trailer harness and trailer lighting have some ideas about how they can increase something. Then we have many telematics suppliers who also have ideas about what to do.”

Manufacturers End wheels, tire makers, and monitoring of tires and inflation suppliers have some ideas to solve at least some of the problems.

The work has begun earnestly, with the Technology & Maintenance Board held two new task forces in the S.7 trailer, body & material handling and electrical study groups S.1, to solve the problem. We do have a report in 2022 that will direct the industry in the right direction.

Change the connector with something that offers the potential for expansion in the future. But this is compatible with backward and affordable while allowing all and sunbathing into the game. And giving something to customers, who will be happy to pay. So this will be one of the biggest challenges the truck never faced.


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