Why Whatsapp’s design makes it the best instant messenger

Everyone loves their messaging apps like the hometown sports teams of theirs. You will find die hard fans of iMessage, Whatsapp, and Facebook’s Messenger defending the platforms of theirs with a ferocity found a lot more in sports bars than on web boards. Oh and I forgot Kik. Though nobody utilizes Kik.

To fan the flame and of course spark productive and civil discourse, I will try to make the claim that Whatsapp is the ideal messenger item due to subtle but wise style decisions that were created.

When iMessage launched in 2011, a lot of customers predicted the demise of the famous internet based talk app, Whatsapp. Though years later, despite big entrants to the area as Facebook Messenger, folks (including myself) however make use of Whatsapp a lot more often than both of them combined.

Of course there is the cross platform FM WhatsApp APK (iMessage is not on non iPhones) though I would love to posit that there are several subtle style choices made by the people behind the brilliant green logo which actually result in it being the perfect device, agnostic of platform.


For starters, color. Both Messenger as well as iMessage opted for cream backgrounds, with pink to indicate the communications of yours and grey to indicate others’ responses. Whatsapp on the additional hand opts for a default beige history, with the communications of yours in light green as well as reactions in cream.

So? What is the big problem?

The task To Be Completed for messenger apps, is generally something along the lines of I wish to speak with the buddies of mine & family, in a way in which we both do not need to be existing at the very same time. The important thing here being exactly who you’re talking with.

Not the clientele of yours. Not the supervisor of yours. Your family as well as friends. The cold, clammy colors utilized by iMessage and Messenger certain appear cool and futuristic, but provided the project To Be Done, the visuals do not match what users are actually searching for. As cheesy as it may sound, when I speak to my family and friends I would like to feel fuzzy and warm inside, sleek and cold not. The camel tones remain nice and warm, the playful icons destress me, as well as the colorful names make me think as I am sitting on a couch with the friends of mine playing Monopoly. Simply because obviously, that is exactly where the fondest memories of mine are.

Rather, iMessage & Messenger make me think as I am working. When I am house on the couch right after an extended day of work, the very last thing I would like on the mind of mine is one thing to remind me of in which I spent the other ninety % of the day of mine.

It is appealing to make things stunning, I am aware. I always fall prey to this, and am definitely not the shining example here. But designers have to get off the high horses of theirs and keep in mind that simply because a product looks great does not imply it is nicely designed. Style exists to resolve an issue. In case the issue is not solved well, hate to break it for you, though it is poorly designed.

Information Architecture

Once you click build interesting in each Messenger and iMessage, a clear bar pops up, prompting one to enter someone’s name or even choose from a list. When working with Whatsapp, the very first choice is creating a brand new team, prior to choosing from a summary of specific users.

What this subtle distinction tells us is the fact that Whatsapp prioritizes team discussions more than specific communications. Inescapably, due to that emphasis, far more individuals create groups on Whatsapp. Just how a lot of the social interactions of yours are just with one individual? For sure you’ve a significant other possibly, but more frequently than not, in case I would like the importance of being provided as well as informed by my family and friends, that occurs in a team with several participants.

Not just that, but when setting up a team, Whatsapp prompts one to enter a title for the team and drives one to take a picture to symbolize what the chat is approximately.

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